Node's most valuable feature is the friendly and colorful community of developers. There are many places where this group congregates on the internet. This page attempts to highlight the best forums.


Official API docs detail the node API. answers many of the common problems people come across.

How To Node has a growing number of useful tutorials.

Stack Overflow node.js tag collects new information every day.


All development takes place at The comments on commit messages are often source of heated discussion regarding core development.

The GitHub Node wiki is full of useful links for newcomers. Don't miss Projects, Applications, and Companies Using Node or the very long list of Node modules, many of which are published in the npm registry.

Mailing Lists

The user mailing list is used for announcements, discussion, and flame wars about Node. The internal development mailing list is used for discussion of internal design and feature proposals.


Planet Node is an aggregator of Node developer blogs.

NodeUp is a podcast covering the latest Node news in the community.


NodeConf conferences are the main event in the United States; they are organized by Mikeal Rogers.

NodeFest (東京Node学園祭) is organized by the Node.js Japan user group. in Cologne, Germany is organized by Rails Love.

An Italian Node.js Conference exists as well.

Node Summit is a conference in San Francisco focusing on the adoption of Node in larger companies.

JSConf organizes the main JavaScript conferences.

Localized Sites does not maintain any translations into other languages. However there are community websites in various languages with mailing lists and translations of the website. Russian blog. Iran group in Persian Japan user group Chinese community Israeli wiki
HKNoJ Hong Kong community Taiwan community


For real-time chat about Node development go to in the #node.js channel with an IRC client or connect in your web browser to the channel using freenode's WebChat. Felix Geisendörfer keeps logs of the channel for those who miss a day.