Appendix D. DocBook: Sample Markup

Table of Contents
D.1. General Tips and Tricks
D.2. <section> and <sectN>: what's the difference?
D.3. Command Prompts
D.4. Encoding Indexes
D.5. Inserting Pictures
D.5.1. Graphics formats
D.5.2. Alternative Methods
D.6. Markup for Metadata
D.6.1. Crediting Translators, Converters and Co-authors
D.6.2. <revremark>s
D.6.3. Revision History
D.6.4. Date formats
D.6.5. Sample Article (or Book) Information Element
D.7. Bibliographies
D.8. Entities (shortcuts, text macros and re-usable text)
D.9. Customizing your HTML files
D.9.1. HTML file names
D.9.2. Headers and Footers