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Lionel, trollhunter Bouchpan-Lerust-Juéry <>

v0.0.9 November 2000

Nomadism is one of the major trends of our society, now most of the people can work with a laptop computer, but few did the next step: to live, or if you prefer to wear one computer that is a wearable.

1. Foreword

2. What is a Wearable anyway ?

3. Advocacy

4. What CPU ?

5. Power supply

6. OS.

7. The Sulawesi project.

8. CLI only

9. Input

10. Audio Output

11. Visual Output

12. Comms

13. How can I have my Wearable ?

14. PalmPilot and its clone ( IBM, HandSpring, TRG ): a new breed of wearables.

15. How to carry my wearable ?

16. Applications with Wearables.

17. A borg's life.

18. Nanotechnology: one step beyond.

19. Sources of Information.

20. To do List.

21. Revision History.

22. Thanks and Credits.

23. Copyright, Disclaimer and Trademarks

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