6. Mailing List Archives

As you might expect, there are a very large number of Linux-related Mailing Lists that enable developers and users to communicate and collaborate on projects. These Lists cover every conceivable aspect of Linux, from the technical arcana of kernel development to the relatively unfocused discussion of issues at the newbie level. Subscribers to a particular Mailing List are generally very knowledgeable in the List's topic, and detailed and useful information is often retrievable. The communications are publicly accessible through Internet search engines and in the form of online Mailing List Archives. You will typically see archived pages when you conduct a search using an Internet search engine.

Usually, you will not need to look directly in a Mailing List Archive. Search engines like Google.com include these archives in their databases. If you can't find anything with a search engine, it might be worthwhile to browse or search in an appropriate Mailing List.

Also, not all Mailing Lists are associated with an online archive, but this is increasingly the case. Similarly, not all archives have an associated search engine.

Initially, try locate the Mailing List Archive you are interested in by typing keywords and "mailing list archive" in an Internet search engine.

You may also find Mailing List archives at the following locations:

This is not a complete listing of archives and you may find additional sites with an Internet search engine. But, this should certainly get you going.