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5. Setting Up FBB and DXNet:

The FBB packet BBS and DXNet Linux software are written to answer calls to a call-sign defined in the configuration files. In these examples the FBB call-sign is k5di-3 and the DXNet is k5di-5.

Since calls to k5di-3 and k5di-5 are answered by other software, ax25d is not used and these calls should NEVER be found in a ax25d.conf file. But the nrports file needs to have the information added and 2 more nrattach lines are added to the start file. The nrattach lines (4 each) and the file "nrports" are shown below:

/usr/sbin/nrattach -i netrom
/usr/sbin/nrattach -i netbbs
/usr/sbin/nrattach -i netnod
/usr/sbin/nrattach -i netdx

# /etc/ax25/nrports
# The format of this file is:
# name call-sign alias paclen description
netrom          K5DI-1  #CRUCE   235    Switch
netnod          K5DI-4  CRUCES   235    Real Node
netbbs          K5DI-3  LCBBS    235    FBB BBS
netdx           K5DI-5  LCDX     235    DXNet DX Cluster

These changes will make the node listings wanted but a call to LCBBS will not work yet. Recall that FBB answers a call to k5di-3 but not the alias. To achieve this a change to the /usr/local/fbb/system/port.sys file is required. Before these changes port.sys had a listing for the name "netrom". With these changes replace "netrom" with "netbbs". That section of port.sys is shown below:

#TNC NbCh Com MultCh Pacln Maxfr NbFwd MxBloc M/P-Fwd Mode  Freq
 0   0    0   0      0     0     0     0      00/01   ----  File-fwd.
 1   8    1   ax0    250   4     1     10     30/60   XUWY  UHF port
 2   2    1   ax1    250   4     1     10     00/60   XUWY  VHF port
 3   6    1 netbbs   250   4     4     10     30/60   XUWY  BPQ look
 4   8    2   0      250   5     4     1000    5/15   TUWY  Telnet

A similar change is made to the "dxnet.cfg" file where netrom is replaced with netdx. When these changes are made and a few hours have passed to let Netrom send node lists, any nearby node will have nodes listed to your Netrom for CRUCES and LCBBS and LCDX, and they will all work just as they do when using the G8BPQ Switch under DOS.

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