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The tntpr package contains an assortment of functions and templates customized to meet the needs of data analysts at the non-profit organization TNTP. It includes functions for branded colors and plots, credentials management, repository set-up, and other common analytic tasks.

Package summary

Some of the highlights of the package include:

tntpr is built to work with the tidyverse set of packages.

Installing the tntpr package

You can install tntpr from CRAN as follows:


You can also install this package from its GitHub repository using devtools. If you do not have the devtools package installed, you will have to run the first line in the code below as well:

# install.packages('devtools')

Once installed, you load it like any other package.


Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Have a data problem you think tntpr could help with? Find a bug while working with the tntpr package? Please create an issue.