survey: Analysis of Complex Survey Samples

Summary statistics, two-sample tests, rank tests, generalised linear models, cumulative link models, Cox models, loglinear models, and general maximum pseudolikelihood estimation for multistage stratified, cluster-sampled, unequally weighted survey samples. Variances by Taylor series linearisation or replicate weights. Post-stratification, calibration, and raking. Two-phase subsampling designs. Graphics. PPS sampling without replacement.

Version: 4.2-1
Depends: R (≥ 3.5.0), grid, methods, Matrix, survival
Imports: stats, graphics, splines, lattice, minqa, numDeriv, mitools (≥ 2.4)
Suggests: foreign, MASS, KernSmooth, hexbin, RSQLite, quantreg, parallel, CompQuadForm, DBI, AER
Published: 2023-05-03
Author: Thomas Lumley
Maintainer: "Thomas Lumley" <t.lumley at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3
NeedsCompilation: no
Citation: survey citation info
Materials: NEWS
In views: OfficialStatistics, Survival
CRAN checks: survey results


Reference manual: survey.pdf
Vignettes: Estimates in subpopulations
Two-phase designs in epidemiology
Analysing PPS designs
Pre-calibrated weights
Quantile rules
A survey analysis example


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Old sources: survey archive

Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: CalibrateSSB, cjoint, csurvey, eatRep, ggsurvey, hopit, mapStats, pedgene, relaimpo, sae2, samplingbook, spsurvey, sptm, StatMatch, svydiags, svylme, svyVGAM
Reverse imports: anthro, apc, APCI, calidad, capm, causaldrf, CMMs, convey, COVIDIBGE, cregg, dearseq, DHS.rates, dvmisc, ech, effects, ergm.ego, FamAgg, GB2, GJRM, glm.predict, GreedyExperimentalDesign, httk, ICS, ICtest, idcnrba, iNZightPlots, iNZightTools, IRexamples, jointCalib, jskm, jsmodule, jstable, lboxcox, LLM, mase, MatchThem, MCM, microsynth, mixcure, MixedIndTests, nrba, OmnibusFisher, OVtool, PNADcIBGE, PNDSIBGE, PNSIBGE, poliscidata, povmap, pricesensitivitymeter, RCPA3, RNHANES, robsurvey, SAMBA, SBdecomp, SightabilityModel, srvyr, ssfit, StroupGLMM, SUMMER, SurveyCC, surveyCV, surveytable, svrep, SvyNom, svyweight, tab, tableone, twang, twangContinuous, twangMediation
Reverse suggests: anthroplus, apyramid, BIFIEsurvey, broom, broom.helpers, car, clarify, cpsvote, EffectLiteR, egor, finalfit, GENESIS, ggeffects, ggstats, grattan, gtsummary, hbsae, hutils, inca, inctools, insight, interactions, iNZightRegression, ipw, jtools, kyotil, logmult, marginaleffects, mcmcsae, modelsummary, modi, nhanesA, optimall, optmatch, parameters, performance, PracTools, Qtools, questionr, rbw, rdhs, RDS, RegParallel, rineq, SAIGEgds, SDaA, SIPDIBGE, sirt, sjPlot, sjstats, sregsurvey, tidycensus, vtable, WeightIt
Reverse enhances: margins, prediction, stargazer


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