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limonaid 📦

limonaid: Working With LimeSurvey Surveys and Responses

The pkgdown website for this project is located at https://r-packages.gitlab.io/limonaid.

LimeSurvey is Free/Libre Open Source Software for the development and administrations of online studies, using sophisticated tailoring capabilities to support multiple study designs. This package supports programmatic creation of surveys that can then be imported into LimeSurvey, as well as userfriendly import of responses from LimeSurvey studies. {limonaid} also implements a number of functions to work with the LimeSurvey API from the defunct {limer} package by Andrew Heiss.


You can install the released version of limonaid from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of limonaid from GitLab with:


(assuming you have remotes installed; otherwise, install that first using the install.packages function)