log history of gtfs2gps package development

# gtfs2gps v1.5
Major changes * Fixed the update of trip_number attribute. This affects the output of gps_as_sflinestring(). Closes #189. * Imports the gtfsio package, used in the read_gtfs() and write_gtfs() functions. Closes #191. * New parameter snap_method added to gtfs2gps().
Minor changes * Function filter_single_trip() now also filters the stop_times table. Closes #195. * Change default spatial_resolution of gtfs2gps() from 50m to 100m. Closes #202.

gtfs2gps dev v1.4-0

Major changes * Allows filtering a GTFS feed by weekday and accounts for calendar_dates.txt info. Closes #103, #124 and #141 * New sample GTFS.zip data for Berlin * New compress parameter in gtfs2gps function so that users can save the function outputs in compressed .RDS format. * New function remove_by_route_id() to remove GTFS data by route ids. Closes #180 * Stops are now snapped to shapes using a simpler and more restrictive algorithm. This help identifies when a route is has problem with stop_sequence in the wrong order

Minor changes * Fixed a bug in filter_day_period. Closes #96 * Fix the treatment of midnight trips. Closes #43 * Fix linebreak gps_as_sflinestring. Closes #171 * Warnings are now printed as messages * Order stop sequence before converting to GPS. * Additional verifications in gtfs2gps * Added package Hex sticker Closes #75

# gtfs2gps v1.3-2
Major changes * New function to merge GTFS feeds. Closes #34 * New pkgdown website. https://ipeagit.github.io/gtfs2gps/ . Closes #146 * Distance of 1st point of GPS trip now start with distance zero. Closes #136
Minor changes * changes parallel execution to conform new future standards. closes #55 * Improve time filter in filter_day_period. Closes #89 and 147 * Improved documentation of spatial_resolution parameter. Closes #116

gtfs2gps v1.3-0

Major changes * Use progress bar from progressr. Closes #142 * Handling units of measurement * Speeding up some algorithms

# gtfs2gps v1.2-1
Minor changes * Allowing to read gtfs files without calendar/agency * New verifications to create a better feedback for the user

gtfs2gps v1.2-0

Major changes * Processing mixed detailed and frequency-based GTFS files * Small changes in gps_as_sflinestring() due to new GDAL * Function to simplify shapes

# gtfs2gps v1.1-0
Major changes * New function append_height(), to create height column to GPS data * Update related to the newest versions of lwgeom and sf (#112) * Replacing sf_multipoint by sf_point in gps_as_sf() to keep all the data

gtfs2gps v1.0-7

Minor changes * Removing bugs found by CRAN automatic tests

gtfs2gps v1.0-5