fsr Package: Handling fuzzy spatial data in R

Current release: 1.0.0

A research paper describing the first version of fsr has been accepted to publication in ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 2021 (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2021).

About fsr

Many spatial objects (i.e., geographical objects) in reality may have inexact locations, vague boundaries, and/or blurred interiors, and hence cannot be adequately represented by well-known (crisp) spatial objects (e.g., those objects available in spatial libraries like GEOS and GDAL). Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic are powerful approaches to deal with spatial fuzziness.

Unfortunately, spatial fuzziness has so far not found its way into spatial data science projects due to a lack of complete implementations of software packages that can handle fuzzy spatial objects. Motivated by this lack of support, the fsr package has the following advantages:


Install the development version from GitHub with


Contributing and Contact

The project welcomes contributions from three different perspectives. You can contribute to fsr by making Pull Requests on this GitHub Repository. Alternatively, contact Anderson Carniel by sending an email to accarniel@ufscar.br. When a Pull Request or email is sent, Anderson Carniel will check it as soon as possible.