log history of aopdata package development

aopdata v0.2.2 (dev)

Minor changes * Adds crul as a package dependency. Now aoptadata fails gracefully when there is internet connection problems. Closes #32. * showProgress now sets to FALSE in all tests and examples. Closes #32.

aopdata v0.2.1

Minor changes * Allow for user to download data few selected cities. Closes #29 * Fix progress bar even when showProgress = F. Closes #30 * Fix encoding issues using base::iconv(city, to="ASCII//TRANSLIT"). Closes #31

aopdata v0.2.0

Major changes * New function read_population. Closes #21 * New parameter peak added to read_access() function. Closes #17 * New internal support function is_online() to alert for possible internet connection problem. Closes #26 * Chache downloaded data in tempdir. Closes #28

Minor changes * Downloads two or more cities at the same time. Closes #3.

aopdata v0.1.0