admiral.test v0.7.0 will be the final version. At the end of 2023, the package will be archived in favor of pharmaversesdtm.

Test data for the {admiral} package taken from the CDISC pilot project and renamed with admiral_ prefix for clarity. As this mostly contains safety data only, we extend this as needed by adding further test data required such as for PK and TA-specific efficacy analyses. See the “How To Update” section below for more details.


The package is available from CRAN and can be installed by running install.packages("admiral.test").

To install the latest development version of the package directly from GitHub use the following code:

if (!requireNamespace("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) {

remotes::install_github("pharmaverse/admiral.test", ref = "devel")

How To Update

Firstly, make a GitHub issue in this repo with the planned updates and tag @pharmaverse/admiral so that one of the development core team can sanity check the request. Then there are two main ways to extend the test data, either by adding new datasets or extending existing datasets with new records/variables. Whichever method you choose, it is worth noting the following:

Adding New SDTM Datasets

Updating Existing SDTM Datasets