#KoboconnectR 1.2.2

Replaced kobo.humanitarianresponse.info with eu.kobotoolbox.org because of change in API location.

KoboconnectR 1.2.1

Changed function kobo_xls_dl() to include multiple sheets. Changed test files to rectify errors in CRAN (Bug fixes).

KoboconnectR 1.2.0

Added new function kobo_media_downloader that downloads media from the kobo assets.

KoboconnectR 1.1.1

Resolved issues of API not reacting to parameters. For example, setting include_media_url to “true” did not actually include the medial url. Also, resolved the issues which were causing the last version to fail during tests. Specifically, not failing gracefully when the issue was coming from the internet resource.

KoboconnectR 1.1.0

KoboconnectR 1.0.0