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Getting Started

We can generate a new ConfigParser object and pre-seed a few variable values. Then we set several options in a new section ‘Section 1’.

config <- ConfigParser$new(init=c("bar"="Life", "baz"="too short"))
config$set(option=c("a_bool", "a_float", "foo"), value=c("true", "3.1415", "%(bar)s is %(baz)s"),
           section="Section 1", error_on_new_section=FALSE)

Of these we can then read out specific values in the form of a string or also directly ask for a float or a boolean.

config$get("foo", NA, "Section 1")
config$getboolean("a_bool", NA, "Section 1")
config$getfloat("a_float", NA, "Section 1")

It is also easy to pre-seed a config file with e.g. all environment variables, this time setting the optionxform to identity to prevent the default lower-casing of all options and then read an INI file from disk.

config <- ConfigParser$new(Sys.getenv(), optionxform=identity)
config$read(system.file("test.INI", package="ConfigParser"))

The manual shows a few other functions, but these basics here should get everyone started.