APP4MC Migration Component - Use this URL in Eclipse APP4MC to install the component

This is the Update Site for the APP4MC Migration Component.

  1. To install the APP4MC Migration Component from this site, start up Eclipse APP4MC 2.0.0, then do:
  2. Copy this site's URL into Eclipse, and hit Enter.
  3. When the site loads, select the features to install, or click the Select All button.
  4. To properly resolve all dependencies, check
  5. Click Next, agree to the license terms, and install.

Feature Version Feature Categor(ies)
org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters | org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters
org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters.sdk | org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters
org.eclipse.app4mc.utils.headless | org.eclipse.app4mc.utils
org.eclipse.app4mc.utils.headless.sdk | org.eclipse.app4mc.utils
org.eclipse.app4mc.utils.platform | org.eclipse.app4mc.utils
org.eclipse.app4mc.utils.platform.sdk | org.eclipse.app4mc.utils
Feature Version Feature Categor(ies)
artifacts.jar :: content.jar :: plugins :: features