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Index of /mirrors/mirrors/pub/cdn.media.ccc.de/events/camp2003/mp4/

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Camp_2003 -556 Introduction of quantum computing.mp4114.2 MiB2008-09-14 00:21:15
Camp_2003 -594 Cisco Vurnerabilities.mp4127.1 MiB2008-09-14 00:21:20
Camp_2003 -592 Cellular Network Security -The New Frontier.mp4117.6 MiB2008-09-14 00:21:26
Camp_2003 -596 THC tools -amap and hacker tunnel.mp4108.6 MiB2008-09-14 00:21:30
Camp_2003 -559 Navigation warfare -GPS Galileo and the limits of truth.mp4122.3 MiB2008-09-14 00:21:35
Camp_2003 -554 Suing ashcroft Anonymity Right to Travel Secret Laws.mp4371.5 MiB2008-09-14 00:22:24
Camp_2003 -577 Hacking Biometric Systems.mp4109.1 MiB2008-09-14 00:35:41
Camp_2003 -607 Software Patents.mp440.2 MiB2008-09-14 00:35:42
Camp_2003 -603 Single Instruction Multiple Data instructions for Code optimization.mp4125.6 MiB2008-09-14 00:35:49
Camp_2003 -533 Cinderella NIDS.mp490.1 MiB2008-09-14 00:35:53
Camp_2003 -588 Hacking Smart Cards.mp4112.7 MiB2008-09-14 00:35:59
Camp_2003 -574 Hacking RF Spectrum with GNU Radio-software based high performance receiver for todays digi modulations.mp4175.7 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:04
Camp_2003 -583 Honeypots.mp414.1 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:13
Camp_2003 -WaveSec.mp487.7 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:13
Camp_2003 -552 Selinux - NSAs sec Linux.mp4114.2 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:19
Camp_2003 -550 Opening Event.mp452.4 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:20
Camp_2003 -557 SPAM anatomy of the Problem + SPAM blocking.mp4234.8 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:34
camp-2003-video.mp4385.0 MiB2008-09-14 00:36:59