9. Acknowledgments

As with any effort for the Linux project, there are a number of people who contributed to this HOWTO in a roundabout way. Without their help, this document would not exist.

Dr. T.V. Raman, who not only suggested a task-oriented HOWTO, but who always answered my Emacspeak questions, no matter how odd.

Mr. James Van Zandt, the original author of the Emacspeak HOWTO, who graciously allowed me maintainership of the original HOWTO from which this document stemmed.

Robert J. Chassell, Saqib Shaikh, Doug Smith, Tyler Spivey, Kristin Thomas, and Jason White, for their comments, suggestions, and excellent proofreading skills.

All the folks on the Emacspeak and blinux mailing lists who contributed suggestions, answered my questions, and gently showed me the errors in my ways.

Throughout this document, I have tried to give credit to other authors when referring to their work. If I missed a citation, please let me know and I will be sure to correct it. If you did the work, you certainly deserve the credit!