1.3. Soaring

1.3.1. GPLIGC

GPLIGC is an application licensed under the GNU General Public License for the analysis of IGC data files, such as those produced by the GNSS flight data recorder. (Downloading of the data from logger devices and/or conversion to IGC format has to be done with other software). GPLIGC can compute a variety of statistics such as thermal climb rates and glide ratios. Plotting of raw data or derived statistics is done through the Gnuplot application.

Also included in the distribution is openGLIGCexplorer, an openGL application for visualization of flight tracks in 3 dimensions against a shaded terrain map (assuming digital elevation data is available).

1.3.2. IGCview

IGCview is a Java application designed for soaring pilots who want to display and analyze GPS log files in the FAI IGC or Gardown formats. Both formats contain simple ASCII records of time stamped latitude and longitude values. The IGC format also contains altitude information (pressure and/or GPS) and the task (route). IGCview can also import Gardown format files and export them in IGC format.

The program is oriented wholly towards looking at the GPS log traces produced by glider flights. You can examine other traces, but the analysis will not be particularly useful. It can compute quantities such as: start to finish, average task and individual leg speeds, climb rates, L/D, etc. It can also read and compare multiple flights in detail making it a very useful learning tool for cross country and competition oriented soaring pilots.

1.3.3. JFlight

JFlight is a Java based application developed for Hang-glider and Para-glider pilots to assist with pre-flight task planning and post-flight analysis of GPS, Barogram, Vario data. (It should prove useful to full scale glider pilots as well). The flightbook feature provides a mechanism for waypoint and route management. Flight tracks can be viewed on a simple display.

1.3.4. KFLog

KFLog is an OpenSource program aimed at glider pilots. It gives You a powerfull tool to plan You flight tasks and analyse Your flights afterwards.

KFLog is the only flight analyser program available for GNU/Linux to be recognized by the FAI IGC.

KFLog projects the flights on a digital vectormap, that contains not only airfields and airspaces, but a complete elevation-map, roads, cities, rivers, and lots of other interesting objects.