Appendix A. About the author

I was born in 1973 in the little town of Mont St. Aignan near Rouen in Normandie (France). I grow up in the south of Ile-de-France (region near Paris) surrounded by wheat and corn fields :-) and a sugar factory where I used to walk in it, smelling and eating sugar.

Always attracted by sciences and particularly geology, I got a degree (BA) of Geophysic/Geochemistry and try to get the next degree but fall back to another direction : computer science. I got my master of computer science applied to geosciences in 1998 at Paris.

I got my first job at Eurocontrol and it changes a lot my life. Even if I worked for Schlumberger for 6 months (big oil service company), I now work for 6 years for a little french company (Neometsys) in aeronautic.