The NEW WPC11 CARDS HAVE Realtek 8180 CHIPSET INSTEAD OF THE RTL8180. Thanks to Juan Natera for clarification


It had come to my attention that the new version, Version 4 are not compatible with my old instructions. I include a set of instruction provided by bill atkins

Until I can clean this up, I include Bill atkins email for sake of urgency

Quote from Bill Atkins


First of all, make sure you have a V4 card. Type
cardctl ident
as root. If one of the entries shown is a
RealTek RTL8180L
or something similar, then you have a version 4 card.


If not, then you can probably just follow the rest of the instructions in the HOWTO.

Now you need to get drivers for the card. Go to RealTek's download AND do a search fo 8180 from the downloads section

or you can download the driver that works with Bill's email at

and pick up the drivers for SuSE (you don't need to be running SuSE for the drivers to work - I used them with Gentoo. However, the other divers don't seem to work at all).

Unpack the incoming tarball. As of this writing, there is a minor bug in the driver code that must be repaired in order to make the card work.

Open up r8180_type.h.


On line 128, you'll see a line with two slashes before the text. Remove these slashes. Now you're ready to build.

At the shell prompt, type make. The drivers will build themselves. If there are any problems making the drivers, open up the Makefile and check the kernel version settings on the first few lines.

Now open up the wlanup file.

Uncomment line 5 (remove the #) and change the SSID to the SSID of your network.

Uncomment line 8 and set the ssid2scan to your network's SSID. Uncomment line 9 and set the networktype to infra (unless you really are using adhoc). Save your changes.

Now eject the card
cardctl eject
and plug it in again.

From the directory where you unpacked the drivers, type
insmod -f rtl8180_24x.o

You will get a warning - ignore it.

Now run the wlanup script found in the driver package. Your card should now appear when you type ifconfig. You should configure your IP address at this point. If you use DHCP, just type "dhcpd wlan0". Try pinging google.com. You should get replies back. If so, your card is working!

Now copy rtl8180_24x.o to /lib/modules/YOURKERNELNAME, where YORUKERNELNAME is the name of the directory in /lib/modules.

Then copy the wlanup and wlandown scripts to /sbin.