7.2. Stream with the Visiontech Kfir card

7.2.1. Install the drivers

If you want to be able to stream from a Visiontech Kfir card, you need to install its Linux drivers. Download the latest release of the drivers from the drivers download page of the LinuxTV web site .

Uncompress the tarball and follow the instructions written in the INSTALL file to compile and install the drivers .


If you have a VIA chipset, you need to disable USB in the BIOS .

7.2.2. Stream with VLC

% vlc -vvv kfir:/dev/video --sout udp: --ttl 12

where :

7.2.3. Stream with VLS

There is no command line interface for this input for the moment, so you will have to use the configuration file .

Here is a typical configuration file vls.cfgto run VLS with a VisionTech Kfir encoding card :

# vls.cfg (VLS configuration file)
# Example of the VideoLAN HOWTO for the Visiontech Kfir encoding card

BEGIN "Inputs"

  kfir       = "video"


BEGIN "kfir"

  # Visiontech Kfir device
  Device        = "/dev/video"

  # Stream type (default is "Mpeg2-PS")
  Type          = "Mpeg2-PS"


BEGIN "Channels"

  channel1       = "network"


BEGIN "channel1"

  # Unicast or multicast IP address
  DstHost = ""

  # Destination port
  DstPort = "1234"

  # If it's a multicast IP address, uncomment the line below
  #Type    = "multicast"

  # If it's a multicast IP address, set the "Time To Live" below
  #TTL     = "12"


BEGIN "LaunchOnStartUp"

  command1 = "start video channel1 kfir"


Once you have adapted the configuration file above, run VLS :

% vls -vv -f vls.cfg