12.2. Send announces for the programs streamed by VLS with the mini-SAP-server


The mini-SAP-server is only available for Linux and Mac OSX.

12.2.1. Install the mini-SAP-server

Download the latest version of the mini-SAP-server from the streaming download page.


% tar xvzf miniSAPserver-version.tar.gz
% cd miniSAPserver-version
% ./configure (if version >= 0.2.3)
% make

12.2.2. Configure the mini-SAP-server

Edit the configuration file sap.cfg shipped with the tarball. It should contain a global section with the Time To Live (TTL) and the IP version (IPv4 or IPv6) used for the SAP announces and a section per program announced. Use the comments to understand each parameter.

The Time To Live option indicates the maximum number of routers that the SAP announce packets can cross before being dropped.

12.2.3. Run the mini-SAP-server

Start the mini-SAP-server:

% ./sapserver -c sap.cfg

If you want to run the mini-SAP-server in the background, use the -d command line switch. For instance:

% ./sapserver -d -c sap.cfg

You can also omit the -c command line switch if your config file is /etc/sap.cfg.