Chapter 12. Add a channel information service

Table of Contents
12.1. Send announces when streaming with VLC
12.2. Send announces for the programs streamed by VLS with the mini-SAP-server
12.2.1. Install the mini-SAP-server
12.2.2. Configure the mini-SAP-server
12.2.3. Run the mini-SAP-server
12.3. Start VLC(s) on the client(s)

Typing multicast addresses is not very fun... that's why you need a channel information service ! VideoLAN has implemented a channel information service based on the SAP/SDP standard. The SAP announces about the multicast programs are sent on the network (via the multicast address reserved for this purpose). On the client side, VLCs receive these annouces and automatically add the programs announced to their playlist.

VLC can send the SAP announces associated with the programs it is streaming. VLS can't do that, but an independant program, the mini-SAP-server, can send the announces for the programs sent by VLS.