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22. Other Sources of Information

22.1 Books

  1. Axleson, Jan: Serial Port Complete, Lakeview Research, Madison, WI, 1998.
  2. Black, Uyless D.: Physical Layer Interfaces & Protocols, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 1996.
  3. Campbell, Joe: The RS-232 Solution, 2nd ed., Sybex, 1982.
  4. Campbell, Joe: C Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 2nd ed., Unknown Publisher, 1993.
  5. Levine, Donald: POSIX Programmer's Guide, O'Reilly, 1991.
  6. Nelson, Mark: Serial Communications Developer's Guide, 2nd ed., Hungry Minds, 2000.
  7. Putnam, Byron W.: RS-232 Simplified, Prentice Hall, 1987.
  8. Seyer, Martin D.: RS-232 Made Easy, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall, 1991.
  9. Stevens, Richard W.: Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, (ISBN 0-201-56317-7; Addison-Wesley)
  10. Tischert, Michael & Bruno Jennrich: PC Intern, Abacus 1996. Chapter 7: Serial Ports

Notes re books:

  1. "... Complete" has hardware details (including register) but the programming aspect is Window oriented.
  2. "Physical Layer ..." covers much more than just RS-232.

22.2 Serial Software

If it's not available in your Linux distribution try:
Serial Software for Linux software for the serial ports including getty and port monitors.
Serial Communications for communication programs.

22.3 Related Linux Documents

22.4 Serial Mailing List

The Linux serial mailing list. To join, send email to, with ``subscribe linux-serial'' in the message body. If you send ``help'' in the message body, you get a help message. The server also serves many other Linux lists. Send the ``lists'' command for a list of mailing lists.

22.5 Internet

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