Chapter 1. Reduction of Power Consumption

Table of Contents
1.1. Advanced Power Management (APM/ACPI)
1.1.1. ACPI
1.1.2. Older hardware with APM
1.1.3. Processor frequency scaling
1.1.4. Useful Resources for Power Management
1.1.5. Restoring your Work after Shutdown
1.2. Power Management Unit - PMU (Apple PowerBook)
1.3. Turn Monitor off, use Keyboard LEDs
1.4. Screensavers
1.4.1. Screensaver Programs
1.4.2. Display Power Control
1.5. Virtual Servers: Consolidation and Virtualization
1.6. Energy Star Label
1.7. Using Spare CPU Cycles
1.8. Miscellaneous Power Saving Techniques

There are some means to save power when using a computer which are supported by Linux: Advanced Power Management, certain harddisk settings, working without monitor and others.