3. About the Document and the Authors

3.1. Miscellaneous

If I didn't provide an URL for a program or a package, you may get it from Debian or as a RPM package, from your favorite RPM server, for instance rpmfind.

Some parts are modified chapters from my Linux-Mobile-Guide and my InfraRed-HOWTO.

The document is included in the LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT.

The latest version of this document is available at Computers and Ecology .

A summary presentation about this HOWTO has been contributed by Michael Opdenacker from Free Electrons, which also has made many contributions to this document itself.

Since Wade Hampton provided a great amount of information included into this text I consider him as a co-author. Though all responsibility for any mistakes is taken by me.

Please feel free to contact me for comments or questions about the HOWTO. I know this material is not finished or perfect, but I hope you find it useful anyway.

Werner Heuser <wehe[AT]tuxmobil.org>

3.2. Translations

Jun Morimoto <morimoto at xantia.citroen.org> has written the translation into Japanese.

A translation into Chinese(Big5 code) is proposed by Richie Gan. It is part of the Chinese Linux Document Project. You may contact CLDP coordinator <cwhuang at linux.org.tw> to reach him.

Victor Solymossy <victor at lig.dq.ufscar.br> proposed a translation into Portuguese.